Behnam Farnia Biography

Behnam Farnia Biography Best Violinist the site shabnak

Behnam Farnia Biography

Behnam Farnia Biography

Behnam Farnia is one of the Best iranian Violinists in London UK

He was born on Twenty fourth of April 1984 in Shiraz

A beautiful city that is known in Iran as the city of culture and art

He started playing the violin when he was only ten years old

He left iran in 2012 , now he lives in London

He studied electricity in Iran and studied accounting for three years in London

At the moment he is studying music at university

his hobbies

He loves driving

he says ” It makes me feel good in any situation”

Behnam Farnia Biography

Facial features

Height: 172

Eye color: Dark brown


He has been released Three music until now

Bamboo , East to west and Maya

.Was released in 2010 when he was in Iran and then it was broadcast on the PMC TV . It also had a very good feedback

Behnam Farnia Biography

East to West

This music was made in London


Maya is the name of his sister’s daughter

Instagram : behnamfarniamusic

Behnam Farnia Songs

Behnam Farnia Biography

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