The Biography of Farhad Zamani Guitarist

Biography of Farhad Zamani on Shabnak website

Farhad Zamani guitarist

Biography of Farhad Zamani Guitarist

Farhad Zamani guitarist

Farhad Zamani; He is an Iranian musician, he is a Professional guitarist ,composer and singer . He was born in Tehran but he is living in London now .

As a child, he learned guitar from his older brother Kambiz Zamani, one of the most prominent guitarists in Iran.

Art in the Blood of Farhad Zamani Guitarist’s Family

He grew up in a family where most of his family members and relatives also worked in the field of music

His maternal grandfather had a good voice and played the violin

Photo by Farhad Zamani and Fataneh

What is Farhad Zamani’s main Musical instrument

Farhad’s main musical instrument is guitar, which he learned it himself .

He says: I never went to guitar class, my brother is a good guitar teacher and musician so I learned well from him .

Later, when I was old enough to play the guitar, he taught me more and helped me improve .

Immigrating to the UK

At the age of 21, he embarked on a journey to achieve his dreams and emigrated to England in 1990.

“He says about his migration

When I emigrated, I decided to work professionally and in the field of guitar, I met all the Iranian artists, superstars and musicians early on.

When I became acquainted with Spanish music, I felt that Spanish and flamenco music was very close to and compatible with our music.

I wanted to harmonize this music with our traditional Iranian music and have a new music and a new creation

Instagram of Farhad Zamani Guitarist
Farhad Zamani guitarist

His activity in the field of music in outside of Iran

He has collaborated with many Iranian and foreign bands and in most concerts with professional Iranian singers, including :
Vigan, Farzin, Homeira, Sattar,

Omid, Helen, Nooshafarin, Bijan Mortazavi, Shahram Solati, Shahram Shapereh, Mortezaieh Barjesteh, Fataneh, Shiavash Ghomshi, Mansour, Shahriyar, Moin, and many others .

Instagram of Farhad Zamani Guitarist


Farhad Zamani guitarist

What is the education of Farhad Zamani guitarist

He joined the university in 1997 to learn composing information and recording techniques

University of West London

He graduated in 2005

Farhad Zamani’s favorite style of music is

He is very interested in fusion music

He has produced works with a combination of Iranian flamenco and gypsy elements and has also sung songs in Persian.

Farhad Zamani Albums

First Album

Farhad Zamani released his first album in 2004

The name of this album was : Be Loved Brother

He released his first album internationally in the United States, which placed him at the level of a professional guitarist in the world

second album

His second album is in modern style and a combination of Iranian and flamenco, which is very diverse.

The name of this album is : always the land of Persia.

The tracks in this album are

Unforgettable, freedom, storm, Pasargadae, tears

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